Past Events

If you are interested in seeing a repeat of any of these events, or have a new idea for us, please click here to let us know what you think!

May 2024: Romance Author Panel

In this panel, romance authors D.D. Line, Louisa West, Peta Flanigan, Georgia Tingley, and Bernadette Piper talked about their paths to publication, their writing methods, finding a market and sub-genre that works, and much, much more. Led by Helen Iles,

February 2024: Self Publishing Workshop

This self-publishing two day workshop was run by Helen Iles.

22 July 2023 – Writing Marathon

This Writing Marathon was run by Helen Iles. We had four competitors and one writer who came purely for the inspiration. There were ten challenges of 20 minutes each.

First place went to Cadence Norton who wrote 9192 words. Amanda Poppe came in second with 8237 words, followed by Valerie Goodread with 7547 words.

Congratulations to all attendees for a collective 40,000 words!

4 June 2023 – Speculative Fiction Author Talk by Amanda Bridgeman

Thanks to Writing WA’s Love to Read Local Week, we were pleased to host Perth writer Amanda Bridgeman to give us an overview of the seemingly infinite genres that fit under the speculative fiction umbrella. It was an engaging and educational event that also included general writing and marketing tips.

6 May 2023 – Pizza in the “Park”

Pizza in the Park ended up being Pizza in the Writers Room, thanks to the damp weather. It was still an enjoyable afternoon had by those who came, giving everyone time to catch up and nerd out about writer topics.