The theme for our 2024 anthology is

Romances are character-driven relationship stories that often centre around wish fulfilment. The love story must be the main thing at stake. And they always end happily!

Anthology Guidelines

  • Open to Rockingham Writers Centre members only.
  • Each person can submit up to 3 stories, each story between 0-3000 words.
  • Each person can also submit any number of poems.
  • Each work should be submitted as a separate document with your name and the title included in each file.
  • Each work should fit the romance genre.
  • Please note that all stories and poems will undergo a selection process and are not guaranteed inclusion in the anthology.
  • Already published works can be submitted.
  • Deadline for submission is 30 June 2024

This anthology is now open for submissions! Click here for the entry form.