Rockingham Writers Centre


All anthologies are available for sale at $15 each.
Members who attend regular groups can contact their group coordinator to purchase during their next meeting.
Otherwise please email, or nab a copy at our next event!

2023: Weird Expectations

Perhaps there is no more exhilarating genre than speculative fiction to fire up writers. Dragons, ghosts, outer space, vampires, alternative history and time travel all belong within these pages. Where will these narratives and verses take you?

Weird Expectations puts you in the hands of thirteen inspired writers whose inventiveness and creative powers know no parallel. Give your imagination free rein, and allow fascination into your world.

2022: Criminal Intent

Crime doesn’t take a holiday. In fact, it never rests. What makes a person break the law?

Criminal Intent is a collection of fictional stories that delves into this mystery. From the imagination of 14 local authors come these highly inventive narratives. Experience their take, with a glimpse into the mind of deliquents — exposing the inner workings of nefarious lawbreakers!

2020: Fun & Frolics

Mishap, misadventure and misunderstandings abound in this light-hearted collection of short fiction guaranteed to bring a smile to your day.

From unplanned exposure and holiday upsets to canine capers and navigating old age, humour is the common theme of the stories by 13 writers connected through their passion for story-telling.

Prepare to be amused and entertained.

2019: Shivers

Shivers is a collection of spooky stories that is sure to haunt the reader long after lights out.

Ghostly visitations, crimes of passion, cold-blooded murder and strange experiences that beggar belief feature in this anthology of short fiction by 16 writers connected through their passion for story-telling. Although the stories are linked by a common theme, they reflect a diversity of styles. Prepare to be chilled and entertained.

2018: Seasons

Seasons of life, love and nature are explored in this collection of short fiction and poetry that will touch hearts, inspire and entertain.

Featuring the work of 12 writers connected through their passion for creative expression, it is a celebration of the written word. Although the stories and poems are linked by a common theme, they reflect a diversity of styles from light-hearted to lyrical and amusing to thought-provoking, in settings both contemporary and historical.

Beautifully crafted poems that paint vivid word pictures of nature’s changing face are complemented by stories about new beginnings, unexpected encounters, changing relationships and taking chances.

2017: Ripples

Nineteen writers connected through their passion for story telling showcase their work in this diverse collection of short fiction and poetry that ranges from romance to science fiction, historical to contemporary. The writers explore themes of love and loss, hope and despair in settings both every-day and exotic.

There are stories about tentative new beginnings, taking chances, cold-hearted murder and alien encounters that aim to touch hearts, inspire, and entertain. It is a collection for those who love to read and celebrate creative expression in its varied forms.

Let’s Face It

Over 4 million Australians live with a diagnosed mental illness.

When you add their families and friends and the unknown number of those undiagnosed, the number of people in our country alone who are affected by mental illness is astronomical.

Let’s Face It tells the stories of only eight of these people, who were courageous enough to share their journeys and how they have come to manage their illness on a daily basis. Each of these people have one thing in common — a will to survive and make a better life for themselves and their loved ones, and it is this determination and strength that shines through in all of their stories.

2018: Out of the Blue

Blue in its varied hues and interpretations is explored in this diverse collection of prose, poetry, and memoir.

From ocean depths and sky canvas to blue moods and unexpected events, the stories of love and loss, hope from despair, new beginnings and surprise experiences were created as part of the Out of the Blue mental health art project in Rockingham, Western Australia.

The 10-week series of short story writing sessions brought together a group of strangers who became friends, dipped into the well of inspiration and produced and unexpectedly eclectic mix of creative writing.