Rockingham Writers Centre COMPETITION GUIDELINES


Entry guidelines, terms and conditions


  1. All entries must be anonymous – no identifying names or words must appear on the manuscript or on the file document properties.
  2. Entries must be between 1200 and 2000 words long, including title.
  3. Entry fee is $5.00 per entry.
  4. Pages must be numbered. Title and page number should appear in the footer on each page.
  5. Short stories must have a celebratory theme, mention a celebration, celebrate some ideal or notion, and/or generally adhere to the theme Celebrations.
  6. Multiple entries are allowed. Limit of three per member. Full entry fee must accompany each entry.
  7. Manuscripts must be unpublished work, not on offer for publication before announcement of award, and not have been recognized in any other competition. ‘Publication’ includes online or on the writer’s own website, blog, or the blogs of others.
  8. Submissions must be 1.5 spaced. Preferred font 12 point Garamond, TNR, Constantia or similar.  Wide margins are required.
  9. Manuscripts will not be returned but responsibly destroyed / deleted after the award is announced. Entrants should keep a copy of their work.
  10. Copyright remains with the author.
  11. Entry is by the online submission link only. Late entries will not be considered.
  12. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  13. Details of results and presentation of prizes will be announced on the Rockingham Writers Centre website, in writing to the winners, and at an awards event to be announced.
  14. Rockingham Writers Centre reserves the right to publish the winning and other entries in an appropriate publication, and on the Rockingham Writers Centre website.
  15. All entries must be accompanied by the online entry form.
  16. Non-complying entries are disqualified instantly. No refunds can be claimed.
  17. Only winners and place-getters will be notified. If you do not hear by the announcement date, you may place your entry elsewhere.
  18. The judges reserve the right to not award prizes if none of the entries fulfil all set criteria, and/or do not meet the required standard.


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