Out of the Blue

The Out of the Blue community arts project for Mental Health Week 2018 brought together a group of amazing women for this anthology. Some have been diagnosed with a mental illness, some have a close family member or friend with a mental illness and all support our cause in drawing attention to these conditions that affect so many in our society. During an eight-week creative writing course, author Teena Raffa-Mulligan encouraged the women to explore their creativity and write stories and poems around the common theme of ‘blue’. The project resulted in an inspired collection of poetry and prose and led to the establishment of some special friendships.


Blue in its varied hues and interpretations is explored in this diverse collection of prose, poetry and memoir.

From ocean depths and sky canvas to blue moods and unexpected events, the stories of love and loss, hope from despair, new beginnings and surprise experiences were created as part of the Out of the Blue mental health art project in Rockingham, Western Australia.

The 10-week series of short story writing sessions brought together a group of strangers who became friends, dipped into the well of inspiration and produced an unexpectedly eclectic mix of creative writing.

* The anthology is available from Rockingham Writers Centre and during exhibitions and book fairs, with all proceeds going into a fund to assist people living with a mental illness in our community to participate in our programs.